COMPACT DISC SERVICES “Melodic MARILLION, GENESIS, DREAM THEATER influenced Art-Rock cracker from Germany featuring input from members of PORCUPINRE TREE and RPWL! How should an Art-Rock album sound today? Answer: like ‘System Of Events’! CRYSTAL PALACE have teamed up with the label Gentle Art Of Music (home to RPWL – another huge selling German band at CDS Towers, so that pretty much means a guarantee of quality) to release ‘System Of Events’ a work from which should firmly establish the band as a bold new driving force in the Art-Rock scene. The album is characterized by bold song writing with clever arrangements and asks the age-old question: Is there a formula that determines our lives, or is our destiny in our own hands? The title track tells it all, as people have to face completely new life in the face of tragedies. From with the inhuman brutality of the attack in Norway by Anders Breivik, to the public anger after the nuclear disaster at Fukushima, through to dealing with personal grief after the sudden death of a close relative.”
GET READY TO ROCK Gentle Art Of Music [Release Date: 04.10.13] “The history of rock music is peppered with great albums – but the ones that truly sit in the Pantheon of iconic albums are those which have that one defining track, that spark of genius that makes it better than just great. Obvious examples are ‘Stairway To Heaven’ (Led Zep 4), ‘Firth Of Fifth’ (Selling England By The Pound), ‘Child In Time’ (In Rock), ‘All Right Now (Fire & Water) and so on. You get my drift.Now I’m not saying that ‘The System Of Events’ falls into the ‘iconic album’ category, not yet anyway, but it has got that one track that takes this album into the ‘must-listen’ classification.Crystal Palace are a German progressive/art-rock band from Berlin who have been around for some time honing their chops and advancing their songwriting skills which has led to this little gem – their sixth studio album.Sounding to these ears very similar to label stablemates RPWL (no bad thing, RPWL are one of the finest progressive rock bands around) with a smattering of Hogarth-era Marillion, Pendragon, Arena and, ubiquitously, Porcupine Tree,” (by Alan Jones)
JUST FOR KICKS MUSIC “The System of Events“ heißt das neue Album der deutschen Artrock-Größe Crystal Palace. Unter Mithilfe eines Dream Teams ist ein wahres Juwel entstanden. Für den Sound zeichnet sich RPWL-Mann Yogi Lang verantwortlich, ferner hat man sich mit Weltstar Colin Edwin von Porcupine Tree ein echtes Schwergewicht der Szene als Gastmusiker ins Boot geholt. Komplettiert wird das Artrock-Dream-Team von RPWL-Gitarrist Kalle Wallner, der beim Titelsong ebenfalls seinen Teil zur Veredelung dieses Meisterwerks beigetragen hat. Bleibt noch eine Frage: bestimmt also eine Formel unser aller Leben, oder nicht? Gibt es ein “System of Events”? Nun ja, falls das so ist, zeigt “The System of Events“: die Formel meint es offensichtlich gut mit Artrock-Fans auf der ganzen Welt”
NEW PROG ROCK RELEASES “The System of Events” distinguishes itself through courageous songwriting, intelligent arrangements and a compelling storyline that takes the listener on a thrilling journey of eight brilliantly crafted songs: Is there a formula that determines our lives or do we have matters in our own hands? The title song, for instance, deals with how people are forced to adapt to entirely new circumstances of living after disastrous strokes of fate hit. Be it coming to terms with the inhumane brutality of the Norwegian Breivik-killing spree, the anger that followed the nuclear disaster of Fukushima or coping with the very personal grief after the untimely death of a close relative. In their compositions Crystal Palace artfully merges these emotions with musical virtuosity and thus creates songs that touch music lovers – even beyond the borders of the art rock genre.” “Ist schon erstaunlich wie wenig über Crystal Palace bekannt ist, obschon die Band ja seit über 20 Jahren im Geschäft ist. Aber auf den üblichen Progressive Plattformen gibt es sehr wenige bis keine Infos und nicht mal ich selbst wusste, dass es diese Formation gibt und ihr könnt mir glauben, dass ich viele Acts kenne. Wie dem auch sei, Crystal Palace sind eine 4-Mann Band aus Berlin, bestehend aus Original- Mitglied Yenz (eigentlich Jens Stutz; Bass und Vocals), Langzeit-Mitglied Frank Köhler an den Tasten sowie den Neuzugängen Frank Brennekam (Drums) und Nils Conrad (Gitarren). Mit ihrem neuesten Album The Systems Of Events haben sie zudem einen neuen Vertriebspartner gefunden, nämlich RPWL’s eigenes Label Gentle Art Of Music.” (by Daniwl Eggenberger)
PROGPLANET ARTWORK “This band is new to me, at first glance (read: listen) I thought of early Porcupine Tree (my favorite PT period) with loads of atmospheric beautiful themes, brilliantly arranged and delivered by these fine musicians! I specially noted the brilliant guitar play that is all over this release, be it great chords or the occasional thunder chords or the delicate, sometimes high flying, solo guitars!” (by Tonny Larsen)
GITARE&BASS (January-issue) METAL HAMMER (October-issue) ROCK HARD (October-anniversaryissue) ECLIPSED (October-issue)
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Crystal Palace Auch wenn die Zeit mit dieser überirdisch guten Musik anscheinend langsamer vergeht,  ist doch tatsächlich wieder eine Stunde meines Lebens vorbei,  aber es war eine schöne Stunde, und dafür haben  gesorgt
FAZIT: Der progressive Kristallpalast öffnet wieder weit seine Pforten und präsentiert ein in sich geschlossenes Konzept-Album mit bedrückender Thematik, aber optimistischem Ausgang. “Scattered Shards” von CRYSTAL PALACE zerstreut seine Scherben geschickt zwischen Art-Rock, klassischem Prog und ungewöhnlich starken Rock- und Metal-Anteilen.